Red Light Therapy For Your Health

Our state-of-the-art Red Light Therapy products harness advanced technology to rejuvenate your body, enhance recovery, and promote overall wellness.

Body Panels

Full-size body red light therapy panels. SUNRECIPE panels are designed to meet diverse light therapy needs, offering comprehensive coverage and versatility.Widely used in Beauty and Wellness Centers,Fitness Facilities, and Physical Therapy Clinics etc.

Target Therapy

The target therapy devices emit specific wavelengths tailored for localized treatment, ideal for home using, personal health care, pets care etc.

Facial Mask

SUNRECIPE LED facial masks revitalize skin, stimulate collagen, and reduce inflammation. Enjoy professional-grade skincare at home, perfect for beauty enthusiasts and professionals.

Hair Growth

SUNRECIPE Hair Growth LED Therapy Devices, harness the power of red light therapy, these devices stimulate hair follicles, promote circulation, and enhance hair regrowth. Perfect for those seeking natural hair rejuvenation at home or in professional settings.

Mounting Stand

SUNRECIPE Innovative User-friendly Mounting Stands, designed for easy installation and adjustment, it accommodates various panel sizes, allowing you to optimize treatment angles and positions. Ideal for home or professional use,stability and flexibility, ensuring optimal therapeutic results.

More Red Light Therapy Devices

SUNRECIPE collaborates closely with customers to innovate and expand our range of red light therapy devices.