S200 Target Therapy

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Learn the Basics Through Videos

Watch the video to learn the basics of Sunrecipe design and how the modular system works.

Smart Functions

    • Touchscreen Control Panel
    • 3 Customized Modes 
    • 3 Timer Options

Superior Quality

Exquisite craftsmanship, superior quality.

5W Dual Mixed Chip LED

5W Dual Mixed Chips featuring both 660nm and 850nm wavelengths within a single LED, providing uniform light distribution.

Low Noise Fans

A dependable fan designed to efficiently dissipate heat from lighting sources while operating quietly.

Unique Design

A compact and lightweight design, making it effortless to carry and charming in appearance.

Targeted Therapy

Offering targeted therapy for various parts of the body.

Red Light Therapy
Applications & Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How far should I stand from my Red Light device?

    The recommended distance from the light panel is 6 to 12 inches. 

  • How long should my session last?

    Skin: 3-5 mins for each area (@6"-12" distance from the light)
    Deeper Tissue: 10-15 mins for each area (@6"-12" distance from the light)

  • How often should I do Red Light Therapy?

    During the initial phase of treatment, it's common to undergo red light therapy sessions more frequently, such as daily or several times per week. This intensive approach may be used to kickstart the therapeutic process and achieve initial results. 
    Once desired results are achieved, the frequency of red light therapy sessions may be reduced to a maintenance schedule. Maintenance sessions can range from once or twice a week to a few times per month, depending on individual needs and the condition being treated.

  • Can red light therapy cause skin cancer?

    Red light therapy, when used as directed, is generally considered safe and does not increase the risk of skin cancer. Unlike ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can damage DNA and increase the risk of skin cancer, red light therapy uses non-ionizing light at specific wavelengths, primarily red and near-infrared, which do not have the same harmful effects as UV radiation.

  • Is red light therapy harmful to the eyes?

    Red light therapy is generally considered safe for the eyes when used properly, as it does not emit harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and typically uses low-intensity light. However,For people who are sensitive to light, you can do like following: 
    * Avoid Direct Eye Exposure
    * Use Eye Protection 
    * Keep Eyes Closed

  • What size of therapy area is this panel intended for?

    S200 is suitable for target therapy. Minimum therapy area is 20*30cm

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